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Where expertise meets innovation in civil engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, and land surveying. With a legacy of excellence spanning over half a century, we’re your trusted partner for visionary solutions and enduring infrastructure. Explore our diverse services and discover how we’re shaping the future of South Central Louisiana and the Acadiana area.

Over 65 Years Of Success

Our goal is to provide quality services to our clients and to the public. Some of our clientele includes state government agencies, local and parish governments, special districts, and private clients.

The combined experience of our professionals and staff translates to a high degree of technical and regulatory experience

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Coastal Protection and Restoration

Protecting and restoring coastal areas through strategic engineering solutions to mitigate erosion and preserve natural habitats.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Designing efficient systems for collecting and treating wastewater to ensure environmental sustainability and public health.


Planning and engineering safe and efficient road systems to facilitate transportation and enhance connectivity within communities.

Building Design and Renovation

Crafting innovative and functional designs for new buildings or revitalizing existing structures to meet modern needs and standards.

Topographic and Boundary Surveys

Conducting precise surveys to map land features and establish accurate boundaries for development projects and legal purposes.

GIS Solutions

Leveraging Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to analyze spatial data and develop insightful solutions for various engineering and planning challenges.

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